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July 31, 2018

One For Women Takes on New York

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New York

When we first started One For Women, we didn’t realize that one of the neatest parts of our jobs was that we would get to meet so many amazing women creating cool products. In our first year, it’s our goal to meet in person most of the women makers that we work with. We believe that relationships are formed over coffee and wine and not email or text. Over the next few months, our travels will take us from Boston to New York to Austin to L.A., so that we can sit down with the inspirational women behind the brands, hear about how they came to make their awesome products, learn what’s keeping them up at night, and talk about all things #girlpower.

Last month, our Co-Founder, Meg, traveled to New York to meet with two of our girl bosses – Elana Reinholtz, the Founder and CEO of Bird + Stone (along with Caitlin Kawaguchi, who handles all things Marketing & Partnerships) and Red Thalhammer, Founder, Creative Director and Proprietor of Antidote Chocolate. From a coffee shop in Tribeca to a European-inspired bakery in Greenpoint, Meg’s travels offered her the chance to sit down and learn more about the women makers behind One For Women.We sat down with Meg to hear more about her 24 hours in NYC and what inspiration she took away from meeting with these powerful women.

What was the most exciting thing about meeting with these women?

As a new business owner, the chance to meet with these more seasoned entrepreneurs was truly a treat. I have admired Bird + Stone for over a year now (even before I started One For Women) so it felt a bit like an encounter with a celebrity to meet with Elana. Meeting with Red was so special –we met at this quaint bakery on a side street in Greenpoint –you would not know it’s there if you didn’t literally stumble upon it, and I just kept thinking how cool it was to have that hour with her (especially given how busy her schedule is!). With all three of the women, it was a chance to glimpse into their lives; being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely experience so I really enjoyed spending time with other women who know what this life is like.

What was surprising about meeting with these women?

Both companies have been in business for more than a few years so it was surprising to me to hear that they are all still hustling just like I am. Their days are spent trying to figure out what new products to offer, how to continue to earn loyal customers and how to spread the word about their brands, just like ours are. Although the specifics are very different –they both have larger teams and operations behind them than we do at this point –the hustle is still the same. Ina way, that was very comforting. It made me feel like we are all in this together, just trying to do our best.

Did you get any insider secrets on what’s coming up at either of these brands?

I did! Bird & Stone is going to be launching a “Who Run the World” bracelet in partnership with She Should Run, the non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in public leadership. I practically begged them to take my pre-order for this bracelet, I’m so pumped.Antidote Chocolate is also working on some new flavors –including a super-secret special flavor that will come out around the winter holidays. It was so secret Red couldn’t tell me what it was, but she did tell me that it was something that is“really hard to do” in the chocolate world, so I can’t wait to find out!

Any final takeaways from your time in New York City?

Having the chance to connect with Elana, Caitlin and Red was a really cool experience. It’s so easy to hide behind our computers and forget that there are real people on the other side of what we’re doing. A big part of our mission is to connect with our customers and product partners, to learn their stories, and to support them in their quests to change the world, so I was honored to have a chance to begin that journey with these three lovely ladies.


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