Small Gestures

August 7, 2018

10 Perfect Times to Send a Small Gesture

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send a friend a small gesture

Someone recently asked us when to send a small gesture to a friend. As busy women juggling careers and family, maintaining strong bonds with our friends can be a challenge, but one way we do this is through sending small tokens of our love to surprise and delight our friends. There are so many reasons why you can send a small gesture, but below are 10 of our favorites.When that #girlboss you know just got a promotion. Because Corporate America could use a lot more women at the top, so let’s celebrate her success!

When that guy (or girl) your bestie thought was “the one” turns out to be a real loser (we’ve all been there, right?).

When your go-getter friend plops down her entire life savings to buy her first house and is about to enter fixer-upper hell.

When life hits hard (think death in the family, job loss, etc.) and your girl friend is just trying to make it through each day.

When your new mom friend has had her baby and is balancing between complete euphoria and mind-numbing exhaustion.

When that day dreamer in your life has finally quit her 9-5 to launch her own business and chase after her dreams.

When your gal pal is facing major surgery or battling an illness and you want to remind her that she’s stronger than she feels.

When your partner in crime is gearing up for the biggest presentation of her entire freakin’ career and you want to wish her good luck (not that she needs it!).

When your long-time friend is turning an unmentionable age and you want to tell her how beautiful and amazing she is and that she only gets better with time.

When you want to say, just because, I wish I was there with you.

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