4 Pieces That Are Great For Self-Care

Here at One For Women we try every product before it goes into our gift sets, so we can wholeheartedly recommend all of the awesome items we stock. But the other night when my husband was out of town I thought it would be fun to create a little “One For Women Spa Night” and grabbed a few of my favorite products as I was in desperate need of some relaxation and “me” time.

So what went into my One For Women Spa Night? Here were some of my favorites:

Tobacco Rose Candle (Standard Wax)
A good spa night has to start with a fabulous candle, so I grabbed this gem from Standard Wax. I love the blend of tobacco + rose –a little bit of masculine + feminine makes it the perfect combination of romantic and sexy.

White Sage Smudge Spray (From Molly With Love)
Smudge spray is technically meant to rejuvenate a space by ridding it of bad vibes and making it overall feel more positive, but I love this spray for just about anything. After a long day when I’m feeling sweaty or after I’ve worked out and want to feel refreshed, this is the spray I grab. So it was the perfect addition to my spa night –a few spritzes on my face and upper body and I soaked in the delicious aroma of the white sage while soaking in my luxurious bath.

Day Dreams Notebook (Antiquaria)
Writing and reading relaxes me, so I usually take either a book or a notepad into the bath with me. Tonight I went for the book, but because it can be challenging balancing a regular-size notebook over the water to avoid getting it wet, this pocket-size notebook was perfect –it’s lightweight so my hand didn’t get tired holding it, and the bright cover and beautiful gold foil cheered me up right away.

Lip Scrub (Revival Body Care)
I’m a lip balm and lip gloss addict, so a little TLC for my lips is a must on my spa night. This lip scrub from Revival is so delicious you can almost eat it (full disclosure –I did eat a little bit), but it also exfoliates your lips and makes them feel delicious and silky after each application.

As a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother, it is easy to forget to take some time for myself, but I try really hard to prioritize self-care and fit it in when I can. My entire spa night only took me a few minutes to get set-up, but it resulted in creating a blissful, relaxing and rejuvenating mini break and a much-needed rest for my body. What are some of your favorite self-care products?



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