Small Gestures

September 18, 2018

How Kind Words and a Small Gesture Can Bring a Smile to Someone’s Face

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We’re taught at an early age to be kind to others. To only say nice things, and to never be mean. But somehow as we age we forget this important lesson, and as the stresses of adult life get in the way, we find ourselves glued to our phones, forgetful of birthdays and unaware of the plights of others. At best, it’s because we’re busy and distracted; at worst, it’s because the compassion that is ingrained in us as children has slowly seeped out of us as we grow up.

We started One For Women because we believe that small, everyday gestures and kind words make a really big difference in the lives of their recipients. We started One For Women because we felt smothered by the hatred and disinterest that has permeated our society, and we wanted to be one small part of changing it. We started One For Women because we wanted a better way to show our friends how much we care.

So in the spirit of spreading kind words and small gestures, we collected 7 of our favorite random acts of kindness. In our experience, every single one of these is guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face, to show them the compassion that so many of us need, and to change that person’s day for the better.

Smile and say hello to everyone you pass. Even strangers!

You might feel silly at first but it’s so much fun to see how people react when they realize you are smiling at them.

Leave a big tip + a nice note.

We’re classic over-tippers (compassion!) because we’ve worked in the restaurant industry and know how hard it is, but it’s always nice to leave a little extra with a sweet note thanking someone for their service.

Pay someone a compliment.

These are too rare in today’s busy world and can go a long way to cheering someone up.


You never know what someone else is going through, or if they have anyone to talk to.

Give someone a hug.

Life is tough sometimes and a hug is one of our favorite ways to show our loved ones that they’re not alone.

Leave a sticky note with a positive message in a public bathroom.

Just a small reminder of all that is good in the world and what we have to live for.

Send a handwritten note in the mail.

Receiving mail that isn’t junk or bills is rare these days, so this is a nice surprise!

Doing any of these things is sure to make an impact in someone’s life and for the most part, they’re all free. It’s so simple and doesn’t take much time to make a difference, and here at One For Women, we’re all about small gestures making a big impact. What are some of your favorite random acts of kindness?


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    May 15th, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Yes! Finally someone writes about blog.

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