Meet Our Newest Gift Set, Hug in a Box

Meet Our Newest Gift Set, Hug in a Box

Ever since we started One For Women, we’ve been fascinated to see what people are sending our gift sets for. We’ve had our fair share of occasions – from birthdays to babies to new houses – with a few unusual ones thrown in (“you finally dumped that guy!”, “you got fired the day before you were having major surgery” and “you became a cat mom!”). We’ve had more than one “sorry your boss is a jerk” and quite a few job promotions (go ladies!!), but one of the most common reasons we’ve seen our gifts sent is for those tougher moments – illnesses and the passing of loved ones, which is why we created The Hug In A Box Gift Set. We’ve lovingly hand-picked the items for this set so that you hopefully, receiving this gift set will feel almost as good as a much-needed hug from you to them.

One of the most common reasons we’ve seen our gifts sent is for those tougher moments – illnesses and the passing of loved ones, which is why we created The Hug In A Box Gift Set. Click To Tweet

  • Calm Body Mist by The Good Hippie – We fell in love with this Austin, Texas-based company the moment we saw them and have been waiting for the right set to include them in. Given how special their products are, we knew it had to be just the right one. We had the pleasure of meeting new owner Emily and learning more about what truly makes The Good Hippie special. Their small-batch, natural, artisan skincare and beauty products are made with the highest quality, therapeutic-grade ingredients and their labels and packaging are eco-friendly. They truly think about every aspect of their product and their process so that it is good for the Earth and good for your body. It is our honor to include their Calm Body Mist in this gift set, featuring a blend of aloe water, lavender, bergamot and sandalwood, all designed to calm and relax.
  • Bloom Mug by Bornn – Whenever we’re struggling with something, we want to curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea, which is why we knew these Bloom Mugs by Bornn were perfect for this set. Bornn was founded by Istanbul-natives, sisters and creatives Basak and Oyku, who were inspired by the different cultures they experienced as global nomads growing up in Tokyo, Barcelona and Los Angeles. Bornn takes its inspiration from the fascinating history of enamelware and uses traditional manufacturing techniques to produce modern, unique handcrafted pieces to keep these traditions and skills alive. We love the Bloom Mug for its beautiful simplicity – the perfect cup for that comforting tea (or maybe something stronger…) when you’re battling something difficult.
  • Refresh Tea Sprinkles by Tea Drops – Tea may not heal everything but it can provide comfort during tough times. That’s why we loved including Tea Drops’ Refresh Tea Sprinkles in this gift set. Founder Sashee Chandran, influenced by her Chinese and Sri Lankan heritage, grew up loving tea. Frustrated by the lack of premium, yet convenient, teas inspired her to develop Tea Drops, a bagless organic tea experience. Tea Drops are organic, pressed teas that dissolve in your cup and is 20% less waste than a tea bag! Tea Drops’ mission is to build community and connection through tea, which is why we think their Refresh Tea Drops are perfect for this gift set.

We’ve all had those times when all we want is to curl up and cry in the arms of a loved one. At One For Women, we’re not just about celebrating the good times but about being there during the tough ones. We hope that our Hug In A Box Gift Set brings some comfort and peace to you and your loved ones as you work through those difficult moments in life.



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