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November 29, 2018

2 Perfect Gift Sets For The Holidays

Meet our Two New Holiday Gift Sets

The winter holiday season is one of our favorites so we had a lot of fun choosing the products to go into our two winter gift sets – Cozy and Winter Fete.  We hope you enjoy these gift sets as much as we do!


We’re all about big warm sweaters, snuggling by the fireplace, sipping on yummy hot chocolate and taking in all of the holiday scents, so this gift set was a given. We wanted to create a special set that will remind your recipient of all of the most wonderful things this time of year. This gift set combines everything we love about winter – the smells and the tastes – for a cozy treat that is sure to warm your loved one up!

Here’s what’s in the Cozy:

  • Be Filled With Cheer Mug by Pen + Paint: Artist and founder Lindsay Hopkins opened Pen + Paint as an Etsy shop back in 2012 with uplifting, whimsical art prints. Over the years, her brand has expanded to include many more cheerful goods and we can’t be more excited to work with this Georgia-based company. This mug is one of our favorite products this holiday season – campfire-style, it’s perfect for that hot cup of cocoa or warming up your favorite soup. And it’s dishwasher and microwavable safe!
  • Merry Candle by Aura Candles: For the candle in this gift set, we’re excited to work again with Aura Candles out of San Diego. Jasmine and Chelsea are best friends and candle maker extraordinaires who share a love of all things music, fragrance, family and affordable luxuries, and are on a mission to create a high-end candle at an affordable cost. We think they’ve nailed it with this candle – this warm holiday blend will fill your space with festive notes of Siberian fir, cinnamon bark and golden raspberry. Seriously, this candle is amazing.
  • Chocolate Peppermint Twist Hot Chocolate by Silly Cow Farms: Meg couldn’t be more excited to include this oh-so-delicious hot chocolate in this gift set. She has literally been drinking Silly Cow Farms’ yummy hot cocoa flavors for years (there’s always a jar in her pantry!) and this holiday-centric flavor is perfect for that cozy winter evening. Packaged in a nostalgic real glass milk bottle, this is both a yummy treat and a wonderful collectible!
  • Let It Snow Tea Towel by Green Bee KC: Owner and Design Director Rena Krouse started her maker journey selling vintage home goods but quickly realized she needed a more creative outlet. Living and working in Kansas City, her creativity has flourished and she has expanded her company’s designs to create products that are functional, durable and beautiful. We’re so excited to work with Rena and include her beautiful (and high-quality!) tea towel in this set – the perfect way to add a little touch of the holidays!

Winter Fete

It wouldn’t be the holidays without lots of fun and festive parties, which is why we created Winter Fete. From fancy dresses to kissing under the mistletoe, holiday parties aren’t to be missed and this gift set is perfect for that host or hostess in your life.

Here’s what’s in Winter Fete:

  • Merry + Bright Candle OR Cheer Candle by Slow North: Founders Michelle and Jonathan Simmons spent years ridding their home of toxic products and replacing them with natural alternatives, but when they couldn’t find a good replacement for their candles, they set out to create some themselves. With the birth of their first son on the horizon, they became even more aware of the danger of many of the products in their house and began experimenting to create candles they would feel good about burning in their own home. Initially meant to be a side project, Slow North has grown into a full-time operation including a storefront and studio in north central Austin. We’re so glad that it was because now we get to showcase their fabulous plant-based, vegan candles! For this gift set you get to choose your favorite scent, and honestly, we love them both. Merry + Bright features a blend of northern fir, clementine, and clove essential oils, while Cheer is a custom blend of cinnamon, cypress, and peppermint. So hard to choose!
  • Fa to the La Matches by Read Between the Lines: Founder Melinda Jones always dreamed of creating a line of greeting cards. She wanted to “write words that moved people to braveness of the heart or a better day” – boy does that resonate with us over here at One For Women! With a focus on modern, warm and gender-neutral design, RBTL now offers an entire selection of products that focus on the people and less on the event. Now operating both online and in her flagship store in Dallas, RBTL caters to paper freaks, gift givers or just all around feel-gooders who are looking for a special, cozy and easy way to shop. We LOVE their Fa to the La Matches because they are a fun and festive gift for that entertainer – who wants a generic box of matches sitting alongside those gorgeous holiday candles?
  • I Came to Get Down Cocktail Napkins by Read Between the Lines: Another favorite from this fabulous brand! We’re all about the quirky quips and punny puns so these hit the spot. These are perfect to put out with that scrumptious hors d ’oeuvres you’ve been planning!
  • Turmeric Infused Dark Hot Chocolate by Elements Truffles: Alak Vasa was a trader on Wall Street and seemed to have it all, but she kept having this nagging feeling that she lacked purpose. She started to meditate and as she grew in her practice, she became more aware of the food she was eating. Alak noticed that she was integrating many elements from the Ayurvedic lifestyle that was naturally a part of her life growing up. Elements Truffles was born out of that realization – a desire to merge the two things that make her happy (chocolate and meditation) – and to run an Ayurveda-inspired line of clean chocolates that taste good and do good (they donate a portion of their profits to supporting underprivileged children in tribal areas of India!). Beyond the chocolate, Elements Truffles is a human-centric company, where people come first because they believe that only happy and grateful people can make happy chocolates! They’re certainly doing something right because this dark hot chocolate mix will definitely make you happy.
  • Metallic Gold Rimming Cocktail Sugar by Dell Cove Spices: While you’re at it, why don’t you sugar the rim of your hot cocoa with this sparkling metallic gold cocktail sugar? Wife-and-husband team Patricia and David concocted this gem in their Chicago kitchen and we’re including it in this gift set because it’s the perfect way to add some glitter to the holidays. Newly married and struggling in their jobs after the recession, Patricia and David made edible gifts for holidays and special occasions as a way to save a little money. When a friend suggested they sell their delicious concoctions, they did just that. The family business officially began in Chicago and it’s been going strong ever since!


Send Some Love This Holiday Season

Crafted with love, we think our holiday gift sets are the perfect way to send some cheer this holiday season. Good for hosts and hostesses, clients and co-workers, old friends and new friends, these gift sets are fun and festive and perfect for this holiday season.

As with all of our gift sets, Cozy and Winter Fete come with a personalized, handwritten message on a white notecard (be sure to include your gift message when you check out!) and you have the option to upgrade to a deluxe greeting card. We have an awesome selection of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and general holiday cards for you to choose from!

Whether you shop with us or not this holiday season, we hope you will consider shopping small and local so that your dollars have a bigger impact. If you are not shopping for the holiday season, pass along some compassion, love and small gestures to those around you to spread some cheer!


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