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November 13, 2018

Self-Care: Planning a Night in to De-Stress

Let’s be honest – between the midterms, all of the gun violence and winter coming too fast, life’s been a little stressful. Here at One For Women we’re big on self-care, so when everything starts to feel a little overwhelming, we take a pause and go back to our tried-and-true self-care habits to get ourselves out of a funk. Here are some of our favorites:

When You Only Have 5 Minutes

Sometimes, there’s just not enough time to fit in a whole huge dose of self-care. We get it. That’s why we put together a few of our favorite healing habits that only take a few minutes.

Close your eyes for a few minutes.

We get so wrapped up in the chaos of the day that our minds and our bodies can get easily overwhelmed. Slow things down a bit by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. It’ll quiet your mind and silence the stress around you so that when you open your eyelids, everything seems just a little bit calmer. 

Sing a song at the top of your lungs.

So you can’t always do this (or you can, but your office mates may think you’re weird), but if you can sneak away (your car? at home?) this is a great stress-releaser. With everything we’re dealing with these days, we’ve got a lot of built-up energy and rocking out to your favorite tune is a great way to let it all go.

Jot down a few things you’re grateful for.

Daily reminders of the good in your life can help put things into perspective and minimize the stress and anxiety you may feel as you navigate relationships and career woes. Writing down a few things you’re grateful for each day will give you a chance to slow down and reflect and remind you all that is good in your world. 

When You Have 30 Minutes

If you’ve got a little more time to spare, put down your phone, shut off social media and spend that time taking care of yourself. Here are a few of our favorite indulgences when we can spare more than just a few minutes.

Take a bubble bath.

There’s nothing like a big bathtub, aromatic bath salts, a delicious glass of wine and a good book to relax. If you don’t have a bathtub or don’t love soaking in the tub, hop in the shower and just let the warm water run down your face and body. Spend a few minutes enjoying the feeling of the water and don’t worry about washing your hair or shaving your legs. Warm water is very relaxing for sore muscles and soothing for the soul.


There’s a lot of research to show that taking naps during the day can do wonders to improve your health, productivity and happiness. Even if you can’t get away during the day for a quick snooze, find a quiet place and close your eyes and let your body relax. You don’t need that much time – studies seem to indicate that 15 or 20 minutes will do the trick. So lean back and enjoy!

 Go for a walk.

Whether you work in an office or at home, fitting in a walk outside is often something we can do. Even if it’s on the way to pick up your lunch, take the time to get away from your work and breathe in the fresh air. Whatever you do – don’t talk about or think about work. This is time for your mind to relax.

When You Have a Few Hours 

If you’re lucky enough to have a few hours or even the better part of a day, don’t try to fill it with all of those things you’ve been putting off (you know, the doctors’ appointments and shopping errands) – instead, spend that time taking a break from it all so that you can come back refreshed and recharged. Because we think self-care is so important, we schedule in one day off every quarter just for our favorite self-care getaways.

Spend the day at the spa.

Once every three months we schedule a day at a local spa; we put the out-of-office on, lock our phones in the car, and lose ourselves in the peaceful enclave of the relaxation room. If your budget is tight, see if your local spas offer day passes – often times, if you go on a Monday or Tuesday, you can pay a smaller fee for access to the facilities without having to book a treatment. If not, plan your own spa day at home – all you need is a relaxing setting, soothing music, some fruit and other healthy nibbles and a place to soak your feet.

Have a lazy day.

If the spa isn’t your thing, have a lazy day. Don’t set your alarm, enjoy those first few minutes of waking up without jumping out of bed, and read or binge-watch your favorite show. Just make sure that you are actually relaxing – if you find yourself doing small chores around the house or constantly checking your work email – pull yourself back and truly enjoy that day off.

Take a day trip.

If you’re more of the active type, use your time off to get out there and visit somewhere new. Even if it’s just a long drive, getting out of the house and out of your routine can do wonders for your mind and body. Bring a friend or your partner along – as long as they will maintain the laid-back vibe of your day – leave the drama at home!

What are your favorite ways to de-stress and give yourself some good old self-care?

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