December 18, 2018

The Best Holiday Movies on Netflix

The Best Holiday Movies on Netflix


The Holiday Calendar

This is Netflix’s first original movie of this year and it does not disappoint (if cheesy holiday movies are your thing). This romantic tale features a magical advent calendar and is all about finding true love, so what more do you need? The trailer posits: “What if a little present could unwrap your future?” We’re all about little presents having big impacts so sign us up!

Holiday Breakup

So what happens when you break up just in time for the holidays but don’t have the guts to tell anyone? In this less-than-perfect-romance holiday movie, a couple who can’t fess up about their recent breakup decides to pretend they’re still together for the holiday season and I think we all know how this ends.

Christmas Wedding Planner

In this incredibly cheesy Christmas classic (OK not really a classic…), a wedding planner’s world is shaken when a deliciously handsome private investigator shows up. Oh and Joey Fatone (of N’Sync fame) is in it, so that’s fun. Full disclosure, this movie is pretty bad. But it’s SO bad that it’s just that good. In a “train-wreck, can’t stop watching” kind of way.

Christmas Inheritance

If you’re a fan of rich people going to small towns where they learn big lessons, this is the Christmas movie for you. In this adorable movie, an heiress must learn the value of helping others before she can inherit her father’s company. The movie’ is predictable, but is sweet nonetheless. Put this in the “feel good” category.

12 Men of Christmas

Speaking of “feel good,” if all you want for Christmas is a bunch of hunky men, this is your movie. Technically NOT a Netflix movie (Lifetime is responsible for this masterpiece), this film features a headstrong woman who catches her fiancé having an affair with her boss and immediately dumps him, finding herself alone for the holidays and in the search for a new job. We don’t want to ruin the rest for you, but let’s just say it involves a small town, a calendar to raise money and a dramatic life decision.

Daddy’s Home 2

 We’re embarrassed to admit we missed seeing Daddy’s Home 1, but apparently, there is a second one of these gems so all is not lost. This movie features a bunch of guys (Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson – so not a bad cast) who want to make Christmas perfect for their children and as a result, decide to take them on a luxury resort vacation which of course turns into a complete clusterf*ck of chaos. Oh, the holidays!

Santa Claws

If cat memes are your thing, then so is this movie. After Santa has an allergic reaction to a bunch of stowaway cats, the cats get together to find a way to deliver all of the presents in time for Christmas. Sweet, right?

The Christmas Candle

 Full disclosure – we haven’t seen this one yet. But the moment we saw that Susan Boyle was in it (of Britain’s Got Talent fame) we knew it had to be on our list. The plot sounds like the perfect Christmas saga – a pastor moves to a new town but struggles to understand why the townsfolk are obsessed with a magical Christmas candle. WINNER.

And so it is – this magical time of corny holiday movies filled with over-the-top cheer and unlikely romances. We hope that you’ll find some time to get cozy and enjoy many of these fantastic (well that may be stretching it…) holiday gems.

There you have it! All of our favorite Christmas movies on Netflix! In the comments below tell us what your favorite Christmas movie is!

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