Our Favorite Podcasts on Adult Friendships

Podcasts are basically the most amazing things ever, am I right? We’re huge podcast junkies over here on topics from business to mom-life to true crime (Serial, anyone?). There’s something about listening to podcasts that is more intimate than reading a blog post or watching TV. Listening to a podcast feels like having a conversation with someone who is speaking directly to you.

So it’s no surprise, then, that we turn to podcasts anytime we want to learn something new about life. And since friendship is such a hot topic for us at One For Women, we decided to round up our favorite podcasts on adult friending for your listening pleasure. Here are a few of our faves, but we’d love to hear what yours are too!

Between Us Girls

Houston, TX-based friends bring their own special dose of personality to you weekly over wine! Each episode they critique a bottle of wine while navigating life’s ups and downs, including the perils of adult friendships. Michel, the “Sour Patch Kid,” has a firecracker personality and always tells it like it is, but with love! Danielle is the “Smart Ass” with “comebacks for days” and the special ability to always put a smile on your face. Sharonda is “the Jerk” and is known for saying what others won’t. She’s tough on the outside but has a soft side too.

These hilarious and heartwarming women will light up your day with their honest conversations. From friendship to dating to motherhood and marriage, they talk about EVERYTHING. Nothing is off the table in this emotional, roller coaster of a ride show, but no matter the topic, it’s sure to have you howling with laughter.

They Ain’t Your Friends

If you’re looking for a show that keeps it real, this is the one for you. They Ain’t Your Friends is all about evaluating and navigating friendships at all stages of life. These three longtime friends chat all about being there for each other when no one else was. Nedra is the “sensible” one who loves adventures and “can out-laugh anyone in the room.” Andrea, the “nice” one, has a warm and nurturing nature and is the relationship therapist we all need. Toya is “the one you love or hate”; she’s the life of the party with her commanding personality and unique brand of humor.

The ladies of TAYF talk all about friendships every Friday. They’ve covered everything from how to handle a friend’s bad habits to what happens to secrets when a friendship dies. If you’ve ever had burning questions about the real side of friendships, this is the show for you. Each episode is sure to leave you with laughter, a smile and a deeper understanding of being a better friend.

Crappy Friends

Speaking of the down and dirty parts of friendships, let’s talk about Crappy Friends. This podcast is hosted by two friends obsessed with toxic relationships who discuss all things female friendships. They especially love chatting about problematic friends and how to create the best kinds of friendships. Co-Host Kristan Higgins is the bestselling author of 18 novels and an expert at dissecting personalities (it’s kind of what she does for a living!). Co-Host Joss Dey is the bestselling author of urban fantasy series Undertow.

These two hilarious friends and co-hosts cover topics ranging from why we tolerate having crappy friends to how to break up with a friend to how to avoid making crappy friends in the first place.

When Girls Chat

Although When Girls Chat isn’t just about friendships it certainly covers a lot of ground on the topic. Co-Hosts Nkem and Maria met while teaching in Korea and started WGC because they felt they had more to say. These outspoken and ambitious millennial women wanted to talk about their own thoughts and experiences with the hopes of starting conversations other women can relate to. Out of that desire they created a safe space for “learning, laughter, listening and healing.”

No topic is out of bounds; they infuse each conversation with their own experiences and opinions for an honest, candid and intimate collection of talks on topics that are important to millennial women today.

Call Your Girlfriend

Dubbed the podcast “for long-distance besties” everywhere, CYG is a weekly podcast hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. Each week, these two fabulous ladies discuss everything from pop culture to politics. While the podcast isn’t specifically focused on friendship, their real talk and candid conversations give you an insight into their long-distance friendship. They’re not afraid of any subject –delving into everything from body shaming to menstrual cycles to workplace drama.

They also highlight other women who are change makers with smart, interesting things to say.And they don’t just focus on famous people –they “care deeply about the lived experiences of non-famous women who are just trying to get through the week.” Seriously –what more could you need?

The Takeaway

As podcast fanatics, we’re so excited to share this list of our favorite friend-centric podcasts with you. We’d love to hear about all of your favorites too –have a great ‘cast to share with the group? Comment below!

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