Why Client Gifts Should Be Part of Your 2019

If sending client gifts aren’t in your plans for 2019, you may want to listen up. Sending small tokens of gratitude and appreciation to your clients can make a big difference. And even if your business is small, gifts can set you apart from your competition and remind your clients why they chose you.

Myths About Client Gifts

There are a few misconceptions about sending client gifts that we wanted to clear up:

Only large corporations send client gifts.

While corporations have made client gifting a billion-dollar industry, it’s beneficial for small businesses too. As a small business owner, it’s hard to get seen so sending client gifts is a great way to stand out from the crowd. And while some gifting programs have large minimums, One For Women’s client gifting program has options whether you are sending 1 gift or 100!

Client gifts are tacky, like engraved steak knives.

We’ve all seen our fair share of meat-of-the-month clubs and branded steak knives. However, with a little time, guidance and personalization, you can find the perfect client gifts. While it’s not always time or cost efficient to completely customize every client gift, choosing a few gift options with thought and care will make each client feel like they’re getting a customized, personalized gift.

Client gifts are expensive.

If you have money to burn, the client gifting world is your oyster. Although the tax deduction (in the U.S.) for client gifts is $25, many companies recognize the value of giving luxury gifts and therefore are willing to spend more. But you don’t need to though. When it comes to client gifting, the personalization and thought matter more than the value of the item. In fact, many “expensive” client gifts feel too corporate and can set the wrong tone (unless that’s what you’re going for…).

Client gifts are only appropriate around the holidays.

If you really want to stand out, send a client gift NOT around the holidays. For example, think about it this way – everyone is sending cards and gifts in December, so your clients are likely inundated with goodies. So to stand out from the crowd, send a gift when they’re least expecting it – the surprise and delight factor will go a long way.

Benefits of Sending Client Gifts

So now that we’ve cleared up some of the common myths about client gifting, let’s talk about the benefits. There are so many that we can think of, but we’ve highlighted below our top 3 benefits and reasons why we think every business (small and big alike!) should be sending client gifts.

Benefit #1 – Set the right tone.

Let’s face it, people love getting gifts. Beyond the sheer joy of receiving something fun (or tasty!), receiving a gift makes us feel noticed. Getting a gift is a signal that someone was thinking about us, and this helps us feel a bit more connected to the world. We’ve never met a single person who has said they don’t like receiving gifts, have you?

So sending a client gift sets the right tone for the relationship. After all, it says to your client that you are thinking of them, and that you want this to be a positive experience. It shows that you are willing to go out of your way to make them feel good, and that you value the relationship beyond simply the transaction.

Benefit #2 – Shows your gratitude.

Sending client gifts, especially at the beginning of the relationship, also tells your client that you appreciate them choosing you. For those who don’t have a lot of money to spare, it helps to feel as though the person receiving our money appreciates the investment that we are making and the expense that we’ve taken of. But by sending your client a gift, you are showing them that you appreciate the leap of faith they’ve taken in you and that they’ve trusted you to provide them with the value they expect.

Benefit #3 – Sets you apart.

If you’ve spent time in the corporate world you may feel like everyone is sending gifts. My husband and I have so many branded gifts from his company that we could open our own shop. But in actuality, not that many companies are sending client gifts anymore. As business has moved to being more digital and less IRL (in real life) connected, the art of client gifting has fallen away. This is especially true in smaller businesses, because funds are often tight and newer business owners prioritize other things before sending client gifts.

So sending client gifts is an opportunity to set you apart. Above all, great customer service is the #1 way to retain clients. After all, don’t we all have those stories of that time we received amazing customer service? We certainly do. And we can also remember those heartwarming gifts we’ve received that were completely unexpected. Therefore, sending a small gesture of appreciation is a great way for a client to remember you and keep you fresh in mind down the line when someone they know is asking for referrals.

The Takeaway

Even if you’re on a tight budget in your business, finding a few dollars to send client gifts is absolutely worth it. Gifts don’t need to be fancy or expensive; putting a little thought into making them more personalized can go a long way.

If you’re looking to up your client gifting game, One For Women can help. Our Client Gifting Program is the perfect solution for businesses big and small and runs year-round for all of your gifting needs. Click here to learn more and start surprising and delighting your clients right away!



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