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January 3, 2019

Support Women: Our New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

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New Year's Resolutions: How One For Women Will support women In 2019

New Year’s is all about fresh starts and big intentions (plus champagne and the ball dropping and kissing at midnight). The beginning of the year is a great time to reevaluate what worked well last year and what didn’t. Set intentions (not resolutions!) for how to spend your valuable time and energy in the new year. For us, that focus continues to be on how we can support women.

We’ve been thinking a lot about this past year and what we’re looking forward to in 2019. We’ve celebrated some wins, commiserated on some failures, and set some really big goals for the year to come.

To start, here are some of our “wins” in 2018:

  • Worked with over 40 women makers to bring their products to our customers
  • Supported 3 non-profit organizations, helping to bring much needed resources to those who need it most. This included pregnant women, girls who are the first in their families to go to college and young parents looking to raise resilient, emotionally-intelligent children.
  • Sent gift sets to celebrate new jobs, birthdays, starting college, getting a promotion and other big accomplishments! We also sent gifts to women struggling with breakups, loss of loved ones and being fired.
  • Started our blog, where we chat about everything from adult friending to career advice to being a #girlboss

So with all of that under our belt, what’s in store for 2019? Here are some of our big intentions to support women for the new year:

Intention #1: Make it easier to send a small gesture.

We’re all about the power of small gestures. We believe that small gestures can fix a bad day, put a smile on someone’s face, and tell someone you love that you wish you were there for them. We think small gestures are so powerful it’s why we created an entire business around them.

That’s why making it easier to send small gestures is a top priority for us in 2019. We know that you love the ability to order your gifts now and have them shipped later. You’ve told us that you love the personalized handwritten note with each gift. We know that you want even more gift set options and the ability to customize the items that go in your gift set. And best of all, you want it to be even easier to send gift sets on a more regular basis.

So, we’re excited to share the following features that will make sending small gestures much easier and more fun!

  • Gift sets to celebrate even more occasions, like engagements and breakups
  • The ability to customize the items that go in each gift set
  • A recurring gift giving program that puts your gift giving on auto-pilot and rewards you for sending more gifts

Since we’re a small team, we can’t roll out all of these awesome features on day one. We are working hard to get these to you as soon as possible! Join our email list so that you’ll be the first to know when we launch these new features. To stay updated, click here.

Intention #2: Spread the messages of compassion, kindness and showing up for women.

When we started One For Women, we didn’t just want to make adorable, fun gift sets. We wanted to spread the word that small gestures could have a really big impact. To promote the idea that we can use compassion and kindness to show up in a really big way for other women. To use our powers to achieve equality in the boardroom, in education and in society overall.

We realized we need a bigger platform to connect with more women and men who believe in all of this. That’s why we’re so excited to launch the One For Womenkind Podcast, coming February 2019.

In our weekly podcast, we’re going to chat about compassion, kindness and small gestures. We’ll talk about why we think compassion and kindness are critical to fixing society’s ills. Our conversations will highlight the power of small gestures to support each other. And we’ll scream from the rooftops why we think it’s so damn important to show up for other women. Together, we’ll learn how to be better advocates, neighbors and friends.

Want to learn more? Click here to get on the list for when new episodes launch.

Want to be a guest on our show? We’d love to hear more – submit our guest application here.

Intention #3: Support women business owners.

From the start, we’ve been all about supporting women business owners. All of the products in our gift sets come from women-owned businesses, and we give a portion of our profits back to non-profits that support women and girls, with the goal of supporting more women to go into business. We share the stories of our women makers on our website and social media, and we partner with our makers to host events that will expose their awesome products to the broader community.

But there is more we can do. We have a lot of big plans for 2019 to further support our women makers, so expect to see a lot more of them in the coming months. We will also continue to work with new makers and come up with creative ways to put our makers’ products out in the world.

The Market

One of these ways is our One For Women Market, launching later this month, which will feature awesome products by women makers that are perfect for yourself or as a gift. The products will range from home goods to clothing to accessories and will come from a variety of women makers (who will be ever-changing!). If you’re not on our email list already, sign up today to be the first to know when the market launches (and get a special discount code for your first purchase!). Click here to join the list.

Client Gifting Program

The other exciting project we’re rolling out to support women in business is our Client Gifting Program. We’ve heard from a lot of women entrepreneurs who share our belief in the power of small gestures and give gifts to their clients year-round as a celebration or a thank you. We’ve also heard that it’s tough to find meaningful, affordable gifts that are quick and easy to send. That’s why we’ve created our Client Gifting Program –with affordable gift set options, this is the perfect way to send a gift to your clients that makes a difference. Want to learn more? Check out the details here.

The Takeaway

Whether we call them resolutions or intentions or goals, we’ve got big things planned for 2019 to continue our mission of connecting and supporting women. We’re so excited about what this new year will bring and can’t wait to go on this journey with you. We hope you’re excited about your own dreams and goals for the new year and we can’t wait to be there supporting you along the way.


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