Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

We’ve never been big fans of Valentine’s Day –overpriced flowers, cheesy cards and restaurants packed with PDA-obsessed romantics –but Galentine’s Day is a holiday we can get behind. Thanks to our favorite over-achieving girl boss, Leslie Knope, we now have a day dedicated to the love we have for our lady friends.

So on this special day, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to shower those ladies you can’t live without with love and affection.

Parks & Rec Night 

Why not spend Galentine’s Day catching up on the show that started it all? With 7 seasons of delicious hilarity, you’ll have plenty to fill an entire evening of the best of Leslie Knope. Want to skip straight to the one where Galentine’s Day was born? You’ll find that in the 16th episode of season 2.


This Galentine’s Day, go old school and invite your besties over for a night of junk food, truth or dare and mani/pedis. Bring your favorite PJs and gossip mags but remember –no boys allowed!

Baking Party

Here at One For Women we’re all about gender equality and that means getting men in the kitchen and women in the boardroom, but Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to get back in the kitchen and bake up some yummy treats. Grab your girlfriends, a few bottles of wine and your favorite recipes and make it a party.

Road Trip

Even though Galentine’s Day is on a weeknight, a road trip is the perfect way to celebrate. Do your last minute planning on the night itself and then head out on the road over the weekend with your best gal pals, a car full of delicious snacks and a must-see destination in the GPS.

Puppy Play Date

Not all gal pals have to be human. Grab your favorite canine friends and make it a play date. If it’s on the chiller side right now where you live, put on your favorite flick, tell your friends to bring their dog beds, and make it a comfy movie night.

Whatever you do, we hope that you spend Galentine’s Day with the ladies you love. We’d love to see how you’re finding ways to show your besties you love them. Share your best Galentine’s Day pics and tag @oneforwomen on Instagram!



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