Episode #5 – How the Words We Use and the Way We Speak to Each Other Makes a Difference with Liz Theresa

In today’s world, communicating our ideas and feelings online can be difficult.  Our words have a huge impact on the people around us, and oftentimes, can be interpreted in the wrong ways. Whether through email, online copy, or social media comments, how you present yourself to others is so important. In this episode, I talk with Liz Theresa, an online business expert, website designer, and copywriter. We talk about the power of communication and how important it is to follow the rules of communication courtesy when it comes to our personal and business lives. She shares with us some of her best tips and tricks to communicate better and to spread the love to the people around you. It is so important to infuse compassion into everything we write. Iit is my hope that this episode will inspire you to go forth and do just that.

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