Episode #9 – How to Host a Gratitude Dinner

As entrepreneurs and especially as women, it can be easy for us to begin to doubt ourselves. You may be second guessing the impact you are making and if what you are doing is even worth it. Have you ever felt this way? Hosting a gratitude dinner is one simple way that you can gather and reconnect with people you care about and support you. It is a way to come together to share in each other’s company and remind each other exactly how much you are valued. In this episode, I share all about how I host my own gratitude dinners and how you can do it yourself. Whether you gather a large group of friends for a dinner, or have coffee with a friend or two, what matters is that you do it. Gratitude dinners can be so important. You don’t need a reason to get together other than to remind yourselves just how much you mean to each other. I talk about how much of an impact it can make on your mindset and confidence when others point out why they are grateful for you and the positive impact you have had on their life. I have been wanting to share this episode for a long time, and it is my hope for you that you can take my ideas and turn them into your own.


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