Episode #10 – Finding Compassion In Our Truths With Kristie Dean

In today’s world of social media, it is so easy to compare ourselves to the next person we see on our feed. But what if everyone shared the intimate, raw, and unedited truths they are really going through? In this episode I talk with Kristie Dean. Kristie is the mastermind behind The Soul Project.  The Soul Project is all about compassion, self-love and being a part of a supportive tribe. They are on a mission to stop toxic judgement and comparison by harnessing a platform where they share weekly stories of powerhouse women and how strength can develop through vulnerability. Kristie’s idea for a passion project has now developed into a community full of genuine connections and support.   I am so excited for you to hear our discussion and to gain some insight on how we can support one another on our own personal journeys.


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