April 2, 2019

Episode #7 – The 30 Days of Kindness Challenge

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Sometimes we all need a reminder that being kind is free. That’s why we’ve decided to implement The 30 Days of Kindness Challenge here at One for Womenkind. In this episode, I talk about 30 ways we can easily be kind to each other. Some ways are more involved than others, but most are small gestures that we can show in our day to day lives.

We are challenging you to do one kind gesture a day, one a week, or just one for the whole 30 days. We can all take a little more time out to be intentional and choose to be kind. I will talk about simple examples such as holding the door for someone or smiling at a stranger, to examples that will take a little more effort on your part–such as, introducing someone new into your circle.

Being kind is a choice that sometimes we take for granted. It is my hope that this episode inspires you to take some action and show kindness throughout these next 30 days. We would love for you to post about your act or acts of kindness on Instagram and tag us!

Use the hashtag #30daysofkindness and explain how you decided to be kind! Each time you post about each of your kind gestures, you will be entered to win in our 30 Days of Kindness Challenge Contest. Go out there and spread kindness over the next 30 days! We will be cheering you on!

To be officially entered into the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge Giveaway:

  1. Post your kind gesture on Instagram (can be an image, story, video, etc.!).
  2. Tag @oneforwomen
  3. Use the hashtag #30DaysOfKindness
  4. You get one entry for every act of kindness!

The winner will receive a special gift set, straight from us to you! We’ll choose the winner randomly on Thursday, May 2nd and announce it on our Instagram Live as well as DM the winner.

Must be a U.S. resident, 18 years or older, to enter and win. This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram. For full terms and conditions of the giveaway, visit here.


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