Episode #12 – How To Keep Fighting For Change When It Feels Hopeless

Do you oftentimes feel like you are losing faith in humanity? Do you feel burdened by the current state of our world? Sometimes it can feel like there are too many problems to conquer and it can be overwhelming. In this episode I talk all about what to do if we are feeling that burden and how you can keep fighting for what you believe in, even if you feel like quitting. I provide some actionable steps to take that have worked for me when I get discouraged. Think of this episode as a pep talk for yourself. I encourage you to remember that it is okay to let yourself feel what you are feeling and most importantly I remind you to dig deep and remember your why. We have come so far in the course of history and it is important to reflect on the progress we have made as a whole. I hope this episode encourages you to reflect on your most passionate beliefs and inspire you to continue to take action and fight for what you believe in.


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