Episode #15 – How To Support That New Mama In Your Life

Being a new mom can come with a gamut of emotions including isolation, fear, and loneliness. It is so essential to have support and community as a new and even a seasoned mom. In this episode I chat with Liz Libby of Rising Tide Women, a doula and lactation consultant whose passion is focusing on evidence-based, non-judgemental education and support for moms! We talk all about how you can support friends and even strangers so they don’t feel so alone on this journey, and how it can be deceiving when we as moms look normal before we feel normal postpartum. We also discuss the importance of normalizing the not so nice parts of parenting and the huge cognitive shift and adjustments women have to make after children. I hope this episode gives you some tangible ideas and actions you can take to support women who are going through this season of their lives, or maybe our conversation will allow you to feel less isolated in your journey.  

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