Episode #16 – Helping Women Find Their Worth And Stand Up For Their Value

In today’s world, especially recently, women’s rights and freedoms are being challenged. Amid the injustices occurring, it is vital that all of us should be standing up and speaking out. In today’s episode, I get in-depth on the current state of women’s rights with Lisa Merlo-Booth. Lisa works closely with couples and individual women on their relationships to shine a light on the messages of misogyny, inequality, and violence that many people are raised on. She firmly believes in standing up for your worth with a grounded powerful strength. We talk about how we can take actionable steps to make a difference and how it is so important to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. We discuss other actions that can block our power and how to use that power from within to stand up for what we believe in. Diving into these difficult topics is never easy, but it is my hope that you can find the strength to rise up after hearing our conversation.


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