Women in the Workplace: How to Ask For a Raise, Go After the Job You Want and Get Paid Your Worth (And Other Things We Wish Our Mothers Had Taught Us)

The world is a different place now from when our mothers were raising us, and there are a few things we wished they had told us to prepare for it all. On this episode of Summer School, my dear friend Lyn and I are chatting about all of those things – including how girls are taught survival and guys are taught game theory, how to actually ask for a raise and why you should in EVERY job you’re in, and why it’s so freakin’ critical to go after those jobs you think you’re underqualified for (spoiler alert: you’re not). 

We’d love to know what’s on your mind – what are the things you wish your mother had told you? Send us a voice message (link below) and we may end up playing it on a future podcast episode!

Mentioned in this episode:

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