Women Athletes, the World Cup & the Wage Gap: A Candid Conversation on Gender Inequality in Sports

Despite their incredible successes, women athletes are still not paid the same as the men. In this episode of One For Womenkind, I’m sitting down with my friend Matt (the first guy on the show ever!), an avid sports guy, to dive into why this is the case and what we can do about it. Spoiler alert: We don’t agree on much. There are some tough parts of this conversation, but it’s an important one to have if we’re going to get women the equal playing field they deserve.

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1 Comment

  1. Michelle Basius

    The current male favoring infrastructure is the overarching problem similar to white supremacism in our infrastructure and social and business systems keeping the black population in it’s cycle of poverty.
    Your male interviewee is woefully undereducated about the systemic problem.
    The patriarchy systemically has kept women sidelined from business, politics and sports for centuries.
    That is the problem. Difficult for males to acknowledge. 🙁
    ps…I am obviously a feminist ~ your interviewee lacks that perspective. Life is not just all about business and also the opposite of capitalism is not communism (ignorance does not help)


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