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September 18, 2019

Homebrew Kombucha: An Easy Way to Practice Self-Care & Get Healthy

Self-care is essential to living a full, healthy and balanced life. Our attention is often pulled in too many directions, and life can sometimes feel like a juggling act. This constantly-busy lifestyle begs the question: how can we care for others when we don’t set apart time to take care of ourselves?

No matter how or where you spend your days, you’ll probably agree that there are too many different things vying for your attention and time. Today we’re sharing our story of how we turned curiosity into a healthy hobby that unfolded into a passion for us. We’re excited to tell you more about our favorite self-care activity – home brewing kombucha.


Let us introduce ourselves, we’re the YEABUCHA Sisters, Briana, Brooke & Brittany! We’ve been on an amazing journey over the last two years since we began our business together. We are driven by the desire to authentically take care of our whole selves: mind, body & soul. We’ve learned that self-care is personal to everyone, and maybe it looks like treating yourself to a pedicure or dinner with your best girlfriends.

Maybe it’s an early morning workout & quiet time of prayer. Maybe it simply means being able to take a shower and blow-dry your hair in peace (can we get an amen from the mamas of littles?). No matter what you’re juggling in this season, the key to integrating self-care into your busy lifestyle is intentionally making time to do things that nourish your physical body and revive your mind.

Balance is Key

The three of us grew up in a home where our mom and dad valued taking care of the whole person— body, mind, and spirit. Whether it was playing tennis or golf, cooking gourmet meals or making time to relax with family, our parents taught us to prioritize self-care. We learned from an early age that it’s important to find the right things that give you energy too.

Self-care trends may come and go, but finding things that invigorate your body, mind and spirit are vital. We always encourage people to experiment with things that appeal to them and inspire creativity! But self-care shouldn’t be overwhelming, stressful or expensive. In fact, we have realized that for something to stick and become part of a routine you must consider the cost— of both your money and your time.

Homebrew Kombucha

In a search for a sustainable self-care habit that would nourish our bodies & souls, we fell in love with home brewing Kombucha. Our YEABUCHA Home Brew Kits were designed with all of this in mind. We wanted to provide a solution to an expensive self-care habit and ended up creating something that went beyond just saving us some cash.

Our easy 3-step process fits into our busy lives and serves as a sacred and peaceful moment in the kitchen, where we can acknowledge our need to slow down and to put our health first. We brew using only organic, high-quality ingredients that fill our bodies with vitamins & minerals to nourish us from the inside out.

But our favorite part about our business is the community it has grown into. We offer exclusive access to us, the YEABUCHA sisters, and our online resources to all who use our kit. We’ve grown our family and have found a beautiful community that breathes life into our souls. Homebrewing kombucha has become our ultimate form of self-care. Who knew a little time in the kitchen each week would be so fruitful…and delicious?!


So, what really prompted three busy sisters currently living in three different states to take their favorite self-care routine and turn it into a homebrew kombucha kit business? Cancer. Even with a healthy-ish diet, relaxation at the beach, and hours sweating in the infrared sauna, our dad was diagnosed with cancer. In the spring of 2017, we experienced the greatest loss of our lives when our dad passed
away. He was 65 years young and undeniably illness took him too soon. Unfortunately, diseases are taking too many of our loved ones. This inspired us to take our healthy habits even more seriously and share them with others.

Our dad had a warm smile and a heart for serving people. He loved to learn and had so much knowledge and was always helping people and encouraging others to pursue better health and wellness. He may not have had enough tools to change his outcome, but he certainly fought hard for more than 10 years. As we processed the grief that came with his death, we felt compelled to work together and find a way to intentionally honor his legacy while taking our health & wellness even more seriously.

Empowering Change

YEABUCHA is our ode to our dad. It has led us on a journey of learning, healing and acquiring more kombucha knowledge than we ever imagined. As we built our business, we found healing and health that is empowering us to make change. We have taken what once overwhelmed us, and made it simple and life-giving. Our goal is to be committed to helping others prioritize health & self-care. We have experimented with flavors and made some delicious recipes, bringing other brewers together and seeking better health as a family. Our dad would have loved home brew kombucha and probably would be amazing us with his flavor ideas!

We should all make self-care a priority, and our favorite way is by brewing and drinking kombucha. Kombucha is more than just a luxury health drink or a fun hobby, it supports our physical and mental health more than we ever imagined. Health doesn’t have to be expensive and health doesn’t have to be hard. You can, as we say at YEABUCHA: Ferment Yourself. Let us break down the health benefits of drinking kombucha for you…

Kombucha 101

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea and packed with all sorts of goods: A, B, C & D vitamins, probiotics digestive enzymes, amino acids and good bacteria that boost your immune system and enhances your mood. Kombucha also contains naturally occurring adaptogens that help the body maintain balance and focused energy while helping combat those afternoon (or morning or evening) blues. Drinking kombucha regularly supports healthy gut bacteria, detoxifies the liver from harmful toxins and improves mental clarity! There is so much evidence showing how gut health affects seemingly every aspect of physical and emotional health.

Kombucha is an excellent option for most people, and drinking it regularly can help support the body in so many ways. Brewing kombucha at home is a fun and easy hobby that can support your overall wellbeing, and drinking it can make a significant impact on your gut health.

For the Love of Home Brew

Once we started drinking home-brewed kombucha regularly, it didn’t take long for us to realize it made us feel better. Better moods. More clarity. Improved digestion. We look forward to sipping on a big glass of booch all the time and we love the precious brewing time. Our journey of healing, self-care, and health has become something we never dreamed it would be. We’ve grown closer as sisters and welcomed many new brewers into our kombucha community.

We would love to extend an invitation to you! To join us in prioritizing your health and caring for yourself by the simple act of home brewing kombucha. Learn how to love your body, mind, and spirit by carving out a few minutes each week to brew so you can fill your body with all the vitamins & minerals it needs to succeed.

Homebrewing kombucha may be one of the few hobbies you can go all into for under $100, maintain in under an hour a week and give you a gallon of a deliciously fizzy drink filled with nourishment every single week (forever)! We want you to be able to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Your body, your mind, and your gut will thank you. Whether you are just realizing you need to take time to care for yourself or you already know this- consider including homebrew kombucha in your routine.

Written by Briana, Brooke & Brittany, the fabulous sister trio behind YEABUCHA

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    September 19th, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Love kombucha!! Thanks for sharing! So excited to check them out. This will save me so much money.

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