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September 3, 2019

How to Use Your Intuition to Follow Your Purpose

How to Use Your Intuition to Follow Your Purpose Women

We all know women are naturally intuitive so using your intuition shouldn’t be a struggle. Yet, we tend to use it for less practical things and not necessarily for something important as our career and our purpose.

Why Aren’t We Using Intuition In the Best Way?

Because we don’t trust it so much. Especially in relation to our career, we tend to listen to what other people think, how much money we can make and more logical aspects, which sometimes takes us far from our original thought and our inner guide.

This is natural but at times can be a problem. Especially when you still have that feeling deep inside that keeps nudging you.

Your purpose is that career that lights up every part of yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Known also as your calling, which is what your soul wants you to do on this planet.

Your intuition is only the way your soul guides you towards the best path, to align you with your values and your desires.

We live in a fast pace environment, we constantly run around and our mind spins so fast. Let’s not talk about when we also have something that worries us. It’s impossible for our intuition to come through with all that mind activity blocking it. When that happens, our intuition gives us messages through physical pain as that can, at times, be the only way for us to really stop and listen.

The most common example is being signed off work for stress. Stress is only a consequence of us not taking time to stop and understand what we need, what our inner self is telling us to do. When we ignore the signs that come from within and we are controlled by our mind, that’s when we start to have physical reactions which result in stress and anxiety.

It is important to create a practice where you allow yourself to take a moment and be in a relaxed and peaceful state, so that you connect to yourself from within, listen to your body.

4 easy steps to connect to your intuition daily

How can you connect with your intuition more?

1. Meditate

Meditation is a known practice to relax your body and mind. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to feel or visualize intuitive messages. Never done it before? Start with 5 minutes at a time and then increase.

2. Stay in nature

Nature has the power to reconnect you to all your senses. That’s exactly when you are more receptive to receive intuitive messages

3. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts, what happened during the day, your feelings, fears, and concerns help you detach from them. It gives you a more realistic perception of the situation as opposed to the story you have created in your mind. From there it’s easier to manage your emotions and understand how to move forward.

4. Write down your dreams

Dreams can be weird at times but writing them down or recording your voice after you had it, can give you great clues on a situation, an emotion etc.

Those simple steps take only a few minutes and if done every day, they will allow you to open a direct channel to your intuition, which you can build upon the more you go.

When will I get my messages?

Messages can arrive in a variety of ways, normally when your mind is relaxed, for example:

1. During your meditation, watch out for feelings, colors, images, sounds
2. In the shower
3. When you are in bed, either as soon as you put your head on the pillow or waking up in the middle of the night
4. While walking in nature
5. Feelings and pains in your body
6. During your dreams

The more you practice connecting to your intuition, the more you will learn to understand how messages show up for you.

Trusting Your Intuition

The most difficult part, however, is not so much connecting to your intuition but trusting it. Trust that what you feel, see, think is the right thing for you and not allowing yourself or others to question it.

How can I learn to trust my intuition?

The question is really, do I trust myself?

And if you are now panicking thinking, no I don’t, well what about you start now?

Trusting your intuition only means trusting yourself, knowing that you know yourself and what you really want more than anybody else will ever do.

It’s easier than you think and it’s the best way to finally find that inner confidence that you want when it’s time to make a decision.

Trust it’s a learning process.

Give yourself permission to learn, day by day, first of all, to connect to your intuition, trust that the message you are receiving is the right one for you at that moment, for that particular situation.

But my mind tricks me!

You can bet it does!

In learning this new process, your ego will start to feel uncomfortable. It is a natural biological reaction when learning something new and shifting the way you think and approach things. Your mind will realise you no longer allow it to be in control so it will try to sabotage you with negative thoughts, raising up fears and bringing back limiting beliefs that you thought you had released.

This is so that you go back in your comfort zone and in the old way of thinking, which can at times feel safer.

That’s where you need to remember that you know better, because you know you! Stop, breath in and out and remember the benefits of following your intuitive messages. Focus on the positive. Help yourself with positive affirmations.

And if that it’s not enough at the beginning, reconnect to your intuition and ask for guidance. Ask how you can overcome the fear or thought that is blocking you.

Ok I’ve got it but, what if other people question me?

Choose your people!

You will always find people among friends, family and co-workers ready to give their advice and provide you with insights about their past experiences and oftentimes, doing so they will project their fears and limiting beliefs on you.

That doesn’t mean they do not love you. It only means that not everyone will be able to understand your decisions, your way of thinking especially if you are in a moment of deep change.

You need to learn to choose the people you talk to and what you talk to them about. Setting up boundaries is the best way to protect yourself from the unrequested and unwanted suggestion that might get you to second guess yourself and take the wrong decision.

I know for me, talking to my mum about my career choices has never been positive, let alone talking about my business. It is something that, due to her background, history, and beliefs she just does not understand. To avoid unnecessary arguments, I tell her minor information and that everything is ok and we are both happy.

I have a group of friends who I know I can turn to for business advice and it works perfectly.

The same work with friends. You surely have friends that are truly supportive and help you move forward and others that feel the need to project on to you their fears based on their experiences.

That doesn’t mean they don’t love you or you don’t love them but people are different and therefore you need to differentiate conversations and the way you engage with them.

Changing Your Perception

The more you grown and align yourself to your core values and your soul, the more your perception will change. This will require adjustments in terms of what you do, who you hang out with and how you do things. Don’t be afraid to let go of what or who is no longer in alignment with the person you are becoming.

Ultimately, you need to learn what your inner guide tells you. You surely feel more comfortable with certain people and less with others. This is your signal and the more you practice using and trusting your intuition, the more it will be easier for you to know what to do.

You will see how your body will give you the answers straight away and you will only need to follow it.

Just learn to listen to yourself, all the tools you need to find and follow your purpose, are within you.

Believe in you!

Written by Mara Marchesi, the Intuition Queen, Intuitive & Creative Coach

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