October 16, 2019

Women Supporting Women: Powerful Takeaways From She Podcasts LIVE

There’s something really powerful when women support other women. That was Meg’s takeaway after attending She Podcasts LIVE, the first annual conference created solely for women podcasters. In this episode, Meg is broadcasting direct from the BuzzSprout recording booth and she’s joined by a few special guests. These ladies are chatting about it all – from male-dominated industries to the importance of women speaking out. And we’ll cap off this episode with a few actionable takeaways on how you can support women through small gestures.

Mentioned in this episode:

Brianna Wilkerson | Made Well

Maggie Germano | Financial Coach

Naked Talk Podcast with Unprocessed Jess

Losing Your V Podcast with Heidi Pollan

One For Womenkind Podcast

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