One For Women partners with women-owned or women-run businesses that are creating beautiful, creative and impactful products. We are looking for the following from all of our partners:

  • Partner companies must be woman-owned (at least 50%) or woman-run (at least half of the executive team are women).
  • Partner companies must have a compelling story. We care just as much about your story as we do about your product.
  • Partner companies must have their own website (not an Etsy page).
  • Partner companies must be willing to share a picture of their founder(s) and a short bio so that we can feature you on our site.
  • We are looking to partner with companies that are in the early-to-mid phase. If you’re in major retailers, you’re probably too big for us. On the flip side, if most of your business is done at the local farmer’s market and this is a weekend hobby for you, you might not be at the right stage for us just yet.
  • We are looking to partner with companies who want to scale their businesses. You don’t need to have large volume capabilities now, but your goal should be to grow.

If you are interested in learning more and think you would be a good fit, please reach out! Please be patient with us – we are a small team so it may take us 2-4 weeks to respond to your request.