What If...
there was a better way to say “I wish I was there with you?”

It all started when…


…a friend had a bad day, which turned into a bad week. We’ve all been there, right? And we wanted to send a little cheer, and put a smile on her face. So we sent flowers, which were cheerful, and did put a smile on her face. But flowers are expensive, so what’s a girl to do?

When flowers are too expensive, but a card isn’t enough, One For Women’s curated gift sets offer the perfect solution – affordable and convenient, they are the best way to celebrate or commiserate those “small” moments in life – job promotions, break-ups, bad days. 

And that’s good enough, right? Not a chance. We realized that we had the opportunity, through our gift sets, to have a bigger impact. To be more than just a gift company. And that’s when the idea of one small gesture, one big impact, was born.

One For Women is a mission-driven company that believes that one small gesture can have one big impact, with the goal of empowering women-owned businesses and serving as the catalyst for their growth. Our curated gift sets feature products sourced from women-owned or women-run businesses, and our in-box and website promotional tools will help spread the word about these unique products and the companies behind them.To further our philosophy of women supporting women, a portion of our proceeds will go back to women’s organizations. And in the future, we look forward to rolling out custom features designed to save the busy woman time. We don’t want to be everything to everyone. We just want to be a community of women (and men!) supporting women.

Our Team

We are a mother-daughter duo with a dream to make connecting easier through small gestures, a passion for supporting women in business and a desire to give back. We’re incredibly excited to partner with so many inspiring women makers and to help each and every one of our customers connect with the people they love. We really do believe that through one small gesture, we all can have one big impact, and that together, our impact can be so much greater.

Meg Wheeler


Heidi Crable



Chief of Morale


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