Meet the Makers

With the support and love of her parents, husband, step-children and close-knit family and friends, Michelle launched Brewed2Burn. And while her passion for candles is one that she has cultivated on her own, Michelle's relationship with the world of beers began at an early age. Growing up in the beer distribution industry, Michelle witnessed first-hand the dedication that her father brings to the business. The honor of working alongside her father each and every day has taught her to treat clients like family. She and her team at Brewed2Burn bring that same devotion to their work, and hope to spark joy through the flames lit by their hand-crafted creations.

What is Brewed2Burn?

From start to finish, Brewed2Burn's candles are a labor of love. They've dubbed their work process “brewed with gratitude,” because it combines the essence of beers found in each candle with their appreciation for having the opportunity to do what they love, and share their creations with you. Just like your favorite craft beers, their candles are made with all the right ingredients. Each candle is composed of all-natural, soy-based components. The result: a candle-burning experience with an ABV of 100% pure scented bliss.

Why Brewed2Burn?

Part of Michelle's philosophy was to create a company that gives back from the start, so being a step mom of two children that have type 1 diabetes, her mission was clear… a portion of every purchase made on Brewed2Burn's website goes back to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  

Quote to live by?

“Live Your Dream.”



The Adventurer 

For the guy or girl in your life who loves adventure, this gift set is perfect!