URB Apothecary | SANTA CRUZ, CA

Meet the Maker


Leyna grew up in rural Northern California and was perpetually digging in the mud, climbing trees, and imagining living off the land. 



What is URB Apothecary? 

URB Apothecary sprang out of a passion project and has blossomed into Leyna's vision for bringing the healing power of plants into daily beauty and grooming rituals, reconnecting individuals to their own natural beauty while being mindful of their environmental impact. Every product is intentionally made in Leyna's studio in Santa Cruz and she places the highest importance on sourcing materials from only the purest quality fair-trade, organic, and local suppliers. Each product reflects good intentions, love for design, and deep fascination with the healing power of botanicals. All products are cruelty-free, sls-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and free of chemical additives and preservatives.

Why URB Apothecary? 

With a penchant for natural living as kindling, an interest in the medicinal qualities of plants was ignited and Leyna bought every herbal book she could find, completely engrossed in the simple recipes for liver tonics, healing ointments and cleansing teas. In 2013, she discovered the power of herbs and botanicals, simultaneously becoming aware of the toxic nature of the beauty industry.

Quote to live by?

“Soak up life through your pores; feel it seep in and feed your heart and bones.”



Spread Good Vibes

Perfect for a new home or office space, or to rid bad vibes after a nasty break-up, this gift set helps clear the air and start fresh.


The Adventurer

For the guy or girl in your life who loves adventure, this gift set will suit them perfectly!