April 1, 2019

Ginger Snap Nut Blend


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Jess and her mother’s favorite! Her mom said “This is the one I grab when I have a sweet tooth, but want a healthy treat.”

The spicy fresh ginger flavor is balanced by buttery macadamias and hazelnuts, melt in your mouth coconut flakes and freshly ground nutmeg. When we nailed this recipe, at first bite, Jess exclaimed, “Oh my goodness. This tastes exactly like a Ginger Snap cookie!”
This blend is great by the handful for a sweet treat, but we really love to use this to compliment savory shrimp and salmon dishes or to make a spiced crust for many of our favorite dessert recipes.

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We never could get that peppery flavor of fresh ginger we love to come through from store-bought ginger root powder, so we had to get creative. Every small batch of our Ginger Snap blend is made with 20 pounds of fresh, raw ginger and it takes over 48hrs to create our signature infused maple syrup and crunchy “candied” ginger. Look closely and you’ll see little clumps of shredded ginger throughout your entire bag! Ginger lovers, prepare for your new addiction.

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INGREDIENTS (indicates organic*): almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, coconut flakes*, unhulled sesame seeds, small batch Vermont maple syrup*, raw ginger, coconut oil*, pure vanilla extract, maple granules*, dried egg white powder, water, fresh nutmeg, pink Himalayan salt. CONTAINS: EGGS, TREE NUTS.

6oz bag

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