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For the guy or girl in your life who loves adventure, this gift set will suit them perfectly!

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For the guy or girl in your life who loves adventure, this gift set will suit them perfectly!

The HeroClip by HeroClip – The HeroClip is an infinitely handy hybrid: the functionality of a carabiner combined with a 360º hook. The hook’s thin profile fits into tight spaces while its rubber cap prevents slippage and holds onto thicker surfaces. Attach a carry-on bag to a suitcase for easy transport. Hang a bicycle in the garage. Keep gym bags off the floor, dirt- and germ-free. Secure a diaper bag to free up your hands. Fasten a lantern to a tree at a campsite. Bring the HeroClip along anywhere, because indoors or out, its utility is only limited by your imagination.

Muscle Joint Salve by URB Apothecary – Ease sore, aching muscles with this muscle joint salve that absorbs into the skin and acts specifically on sore muscles, sprained or painful joints, and bruises, reducing pain, swelling, and encouraging the flow of fresh, healing blood to injured areas. With a winning combination of Arnica (known to reduce healing times), Comfrey (reduces swelling and healing times), Cayenne and Ginger (aid in relieving pain and inflammation), Turmeric Essential Oil (powerful anti-inflammatory good for arthritis and joint care), and Castor Oil (massage oil for relieving arthritic joints, nerve inflammations and sore muscles), this is sure to make the adventurer’s day a little more relaxing.

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Nut Brown Ale Candle by Brewed 2 Burn – Because every great adventure should end with a beer, this brew-inspired candle is perfect for relaxing after a long, grueling day. With essences of warm hazelnut and toffee and housed in an authentic glass beer bottle, this soy candle is reminiscent of your favorite comfort ale.

Gaia: Cacao Nibs 84% by Antidote Chocolate – Potent and pure, this bold and balanced dark chocolate with crunchy nibs is 84% slow roasted cacao with a delicate fruity cacao aroma. A special treat after a long day out on the trails, this is an invigorating and revitalizing Antidote to stress and anxiety. Made in Ecuador. Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher.

Why we love this set: Any time you mix beer and adventure, we’re pretty pleased. This set combines the things we love best – the ultimate adventurer’s tool (which is also just a handy thing to have around!) with a little salve to take the edge off the pain at the end of the day. And while our adventurers are resting up for whatever tomorrow may bring, they can enjoy a cold one next to the delicious aroma of this ale candle, delighting both your taste buds and your nose.


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5% of the profits of this gift set go back to Art to Reduce Mental Health Stigma, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the stigma around mental illness by providing a platform for art that sparks open and honest conversations on mental health.

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