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At One For Women we’re all about women standing up and speaking out. That’s why we are inviting you to write for us on our blog. Contributing to the One For Women blog is a great way to get your story and your message out there and share it with a new community of supporters.

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Requirements to Guest Blog for One For Women

  • Write a blog post (ideally at least 1,200 words) on any topic in these areas: adult friending, lifestyle/home, fitness and wellness, personal development, empowering/supporting women, activism or entrepreneurship. We are looking for posts that have more of a “lifestyle” feel than a “technical” feel (so no articles on the 10 steps to boost your SEO, etc.)
  • We reserve the right to make edits to your blog post for spelling, grammatical and SEO purposes. We will not alter the substance of the content.
  • Write an original post between 1,000 – 2,000 words with proper citations (if applicable).
  • Share the blog post with your community once it’s published.
  • This is an UNPAID opportunity.