She’s the First

A girl with an education is UNSTOPPABLE.

She’s the First is fighting gender inequality through education by supporting girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school.

Many obstacles keep girls from finishing school, such as poverty, long and dangerous routes to school, higher costs at higher levels of schooling, and an emphasis on early marriage and traditional gender roles.

But with an education, everything changes. When a girl is educated, she:

  • earns up to 20% more as an adult with each additional year of schooling
  • is less likely to marry early and more likely to be in a healthy relationship
  • has fewer, healthier children
  • changes the world around her for the better.

She’s the First provides scholarships to girls who will be first-generation graduates, and they’re focused on more than just academics. They support programs that include mentorship, extracurricular activities, sex education, life skills training, and sometimes even a dormitory – all of that sets a girl up for success outside the classroom.

One For Women is so proud to support She’s the First and the important work they are doing. To aid in their impact, $1 from every Small Gestures gift set sold will go directly to fund She’s the First’s important programs. A girl with an education IS unstoppable, and together, we can nurture an army of unstoppable women to change the world for good.